Carton board adhesives
Carton board adhesives
Extrusion adhesives
Fast setting adhesives, for standard board quality up to UV lacquered printed board. We have specific adhesives in our range for special requirements for e.g. squaring problems.
Jetting adhesives
Non contact, very clean running, no spitting, no tailing, no smearing.
Wheel applications
No spitting, fast setting adhesives for wheel applications.
Roller (coater)
No spitting, high tack.
Tube manufacturing For producing soft or hard tubes. Filled and unfilled adhesives.

AlContactless contact free no contact adhesive jettingmost every day we introduce a new developed adhesive related to the carton manufacturing industries. Our standard adhesives range for wheel, rollercoater, rakel, jetting and extrusion (slotcoater) application would suprise you. New and high tech adhesives at this moment are the contact free jetting adhesives. Due to our aim to develop the best high pressure non contact jetting adhesives we can provide you with the best running adhesives on these systems.

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