SML approved Adhesives Intercol
Packaging Materials, (e.g corrugated boards, paper) and other articles intended to come into contact with food must conform to special requirements and regulations concerning their food law safety and purpose suitability, this can differ from continent to continent and country to country. Familiar legislations are FDA and BfR. Intercol Adhesives play a major role in the production, development and utilization of these food grade adhesives. Already during the development of products with such a purpose Intercol takes into account not only technical requirements, but also food legislation aspects.

According to Article 3 of the Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 not only the adhesive distributor is responsible for the composition of food packaging, but also the packer and packaging manufacturer. All of them, including the adhesive manufacturer are obliged to examine and determine whether incoming or outgoing goods comply with quality and suitability standards. This includes the evaluation of possible substance transfers to food (migration). Preliminary suppliers and adhesive manufacturers among others are usually notified by the packaging manufacturer about his requirements. He pays particular attention to the professional processing of the adhesive (good manufacturing practice) and ensures the suitability of his packaging through specific audits. Extensive and manifold requirements for food packaging necessitate the cooperation of experts such as adhesive manufacturers of all production stages in their conception and creation.

Intercol has developed several standard adhesives in an SML range, besides the already existing
-plasticizer free range
-BfR range
-FDA range
of several packaging adhesives, such as waterborn adhesives (dispersion, starch, synthetic, acrylic), hot melt adhesives, and PSA (Pressure-Sensitive-Adhesives).
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