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Casein Adhesives

Caseins are reliable and "green adhesives" for the labelling industry, with excellent washability of returnable bottles. Casein Adhesives doreduce foaming of the caustic solution where bottles are cleaned, the COD value in the water-waste, is sifnificant lower. The waste water has proven to have better sedimentation.

Molded Fiber glass adhesives an binders

Intercol has experience in a wide range of applications, including making solvent free adhesives and binders to create molded, foamed an light weight constuction products.

Lijmen en hotmelts

Intercol levert diverse lijmen en hotmelts voor diverse doeleinden, in verschillende verpakkingsvormen, groottes en afmetingen. Alsmede ook handpistolen voor handwerk

Tevens lijmen voor diverse etiketteermachines, verpakkingsmachines, en toepassingen in de kartonnage industrie.

+31 (0) 318 636363 info@intercol.nl

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